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Charting The Course: The Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Tampa Bay is intended to be a living document that reflects our evolving knowledge and understanding of bay processes and community needs. Major revisions of Charting The Course occur every 10 years; minor updates occur every 3-5 years. There are 39 actions in the 2017 CCMP Update. Each action presents specific strategies to meet agreed-upon objectives. Responsible parties, implementation timetables, and results and deliverables are part of every action.

TBEP Implementation Review

The Tampa Bay Estuary Program receives federal funding through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The TBEP is required to submit a program evaluation paket to the EPA every 5-years to assess the effectiveness of the program. Links to these implementation reviews can be found in this section.

Tampa Bay Area Scientific Information Symposium

Links to presentations & proceedings from past Tampa Bay Area Scientific Information Symposia (BASIS).

Tampa Bay Estuary Program Technical Publications

Listing of TBEP Technical Publications since 1992.

GIS Resources & Available Databases

Links to TBEP funded or assimilated databases and GIS resources.

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Other TBEP technical resources available.

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