TB NMC Participants,

 Please find below and attached meeting materials and notes from the May 31, 2012 Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium Meeting...

Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium
Thursday, May 31, 2012
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council

  1. Welcome and Introductions (NMC Co-Chairs)
  2. Hydrologic Adjustment Screening Level Tool (Tony Janicki, Janicki Env.)
  3. Draft Interim Process for new or missed sources (Holly Greening)
  4. Progress Energy Load Revision & Update (Scott Deitche, GPI SE)
  5. NMC Nitrogen Load Transfer Discussion
    1. Existing Authority for Transfer Under RA Document (Holly Greening)
    2. Lower St. Johns River Pilot Program (Winston Borkowski)
      1. Statutory Authority
      2. Case Study – Clay County Electric Authority
    3. Key Concepts (Winston Borkowski, Jan McLean, Frank Hearne)
      1. Point Source – Point Source
      2. Point Source – Non-Point Source
      3. Non-Point Source – Non-Point Source
      4. Basin and Inter-Basin Transfers
      5. Generating Credits
      6. Certification – Verification of Credits
      7. Duration or Life of Credit
      8. Conditions Placed on Credits
      9. Price of Credits
      10. Reporting and Record-Keeping Requirements
      11. Implementation and Enforcement
      12. Trade Tracking
    4. EPA Involvement or Approval (Winston Borkowski, Jan McLean, Frank Hearne)
      1. EPA Draft of Revised Guidance Re TMDL Withdrawal and Modification
      2. Ramifications of Federal TMDL-Consortium RA
    5. DEP Meeting to Discuss Statewide Trading Program (W. Borkowski)
    6. Next Steps (Holly Greening)
      1. Is Formal Program Needed—Is Current Transfer System Sufficient?
      2. Draft Interim Process for New, Expanded and Missed Sources
      3. Do We Have Sufficient Authority, Will DEP Amend Statute Accordingly?
      4. What Next?

F.  Discussion on EPA's Proposed ENC for Tampa Bay (Holly Greening)(Proposed rule postponed until June 4th, discussion at next NMC meeting)

G. Future Project Discussions

  1. Update and Comments on Action Plan Database
  2. Development of NNC for Tidal Tributaries

H. Open Discussion & Comment

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