Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council


A. Welcome and Introductions (NMC Co-Chairs)

B. NMC Co-Chair Nominations and Elections (NMC Co-Chairs)

C. Overview of NMC Goals and History (H. Greening, TBEP)

  • History and clarification of the NMC’s current role

D. Industry/Government Perspective on the NMC’s Role in the Region (C. Kovach, Industry Co-Chair)

E. Approval of the 2014 NMC RA Compliance Submittal (E. Sherwood, TBEP)

  • Draft submittal attached
  • NMC Participant comments requested (if any)

F. Future NMC Work: 2017 RA Update (H. Greening, TBEP)

  • Update on NMC Funding to Date
  • Development of a Request for Proposals for a Contractor to assist with RA prep (Develop 5-yr loading report, Update RA Document, Other work?)
  • Determination of Re-allocation process, if any (additional contractor costs?

G. Update on FDEP’s Pollutant Trading Rulemaking ( NMC Participants)

H. Other Topics of NMC Discussion (All)

  • TBEP CCMP Goal and Action Updates (Solicit NMC feedback)

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