Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium
Thursday, October 22nd, 2015
1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council

A. Welcome and Introductions (Jeff Greenwell, Santino Provenzano; NMC Co-Chairs)

B. Review of NMC Roles & Responsibilities (H. Greening, TBEP)

• Primer for new NMC participants/Entity staff
• General 2017 RA Update Tasks & Timelines

o Actions since Feb. 2015 Meeting
o Status update on Interim Loads

C. 2017 RA Update: Preliminary Tasks & Reports (T. Janicki, Janicki Env. Inc.)

• 2007-2011 Entity Loading & Allocation Assessments
• LTB Hydrologic Adjustment Refinement (due to loss of rain gage station)
• General Tampa Bay WQ Update through 2014
• 2012-2016 Loading Update: Process and Data Request

D. Initial Actions and Next Steps (NMC Input Requested) (H. Greening, TBEP)

• Development of Initial Decision Memos

o Acceptance of LTB Hydrologic Adjustment Refinement
o 2016 Entity Loading Data Reporting (Pilot Program)

• Development of Draft White Papers

o Land Use Subcommittee Recommendations: Development of Uniform Watershed LU Change N Load Debit/Credit Tool
o Draft Options for Assignment of 2017-2021 (Re)Allocations

E. Open Discussion (All)

• Other next steps and outstanding issues
• Please update NMC contact info for your entity (most recent list attached)