Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium


Thursday, January 28, 2016

9:00 AM – 12 PM

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council

4000 Gateway Centre Blvd.

Pinellas Park, FL

1. Welcome and Introductions (NMC Co-Chairs)

2. Review of Preliminary TB Loadings over the 2012-2014 Period (Tony Janicki, Janicki Env.)

3. White Paper: Hydrologic Adjustment Tool Update for Lower Tampa Bay (Ray Pribble, Janicki Env.)

4. Review of TBNMC Allocation Process developed in the 2009 RA Addendum (Tony Janicki, Jan. Env.)  

5. 2015 NMC Compliance Assessment Update (Ed Sherwood, TBEP)

6. Recap of TBNMC Subcommittee Meetings (July 2015 – January 2016)

Action Items:

TBEP Staff Recommends:

  • Develop Standardized Load Estimate Tool for Future Land Use Conversions White Paper

Contingent upon NMC Discussion & Identification of Additional Funding:

  • Develop Process to Account for OSDS Removals/Additions in the Watershed
  • Develop & Apply Load Attenuation Calculations for Distant Watershed Sources

TBEP Staff Recommends Deferring Development of White Paper:

  • Update Attenuation Factors Utilized to Estimate Reuse Loads from Land Application

7. Next Steps (NMC Discussion)

  • Entity-specific loads (through 2014) by end of February
  • Bay segment/entity assessment of loads prior to March NMC meeting

8. NMC Meeting Potential Topics (proposed March 31, 2016)

Discussion on (Re)Assigning Allocations for 2017 RA Update. Potential options are as follows:

  • Maintain all current allocations (possible reservation/MOS available with interim loads being assigned this RA update for some bay segments)
  • (Re)allocate in a similar fashion as the 2009 RA addendum
  • Develop new (Re)allocation process
  • Perform some combination of previous/new (re)allocation process, including consideration of whether we want to retain freeboards or split it up (re-allocate)

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