Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium


Thursday, March 31, 2016

9:00 AM – 2 PM

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council

4000 Gateway Centre Blvd.

Pinellas Park, FL


  1. Welcome and Introductions (NMC Co-Chairs)
  2. Old Business Items:
    1. Action Items: TBEP Staff Recommends Consensus Approval (Ed Sherwood, TBEP)
      1. 2015 TBNMC Compliance Assessment Report Submittal (Submit to FDEP/EPA)
      2. Hydrologic Adjustment Tool Update for Lower Tampa Bay
    2. Discussion Items: (Tony Janicki, Janicki Env.)
      1. Draft Tech Memo: Standardized Load Estimate Tool for Future Land Use Conversions
      2. Review of Potential OSDS Impacts on SW Florida Watershed
  3. Review of TBNMC 2017 RA Allocation Process Survey (Ed Sherwood, TBEP) 
  4. New Business Items:
    1. Discussion Items: (Tony Janicki, Janicki Env.)
      1. 2010-2014 Entity Specific Loads & Compliance Assessments
      2. 2017 RA Preparation: Offsets, Allocations & Action Plan Reporting
    2. Other TBNMC Topics/Issues to be Addressed
  5. Future Agenda Items/Next Steps: (NMC Discussion)
    1. Wastewater Subcommittee Recommendations?
    2. Define Draft Allocations for 2017-2021 RA Implementation Period

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