Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium
Friday, September 29th, 2017
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
4000 Gateway Centre Blvd.
Pinellas Park, FL

  1. Welcome & Introductions (Jeff Greenwell & Santino Provenzano, NMC Co-Chairs)
  2. Old Business:
    1. Timeline for 2017 RA Update Review & Submission to FDEP (Ed Sherwood, TBEP)
    2. Review Decision Memo 2017-01 Regarding Near-Term RA Topics
      • Recommended Action: Consensus approval for inclusion as an appendix into 2017 RA Update
    3. Draft Final 2017 Reasonable Assurance Update Review & Discussion
      • Recommended Action: Consensus approval for submittal to FDEP
    4. Discussion: Longer-Term Decision Memo Topics (NMC Discussion)
  3. Future Agenda Items/Next Steps: (NMC Discussion)
    • Other topics to consider?

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