Southwest Florida Regional Ambient Monitoring Program

Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, October 12th, 2016
10:00am – Noon

Bee Ridge Park
4430 S. Lockwood Ridge Road
Sarasota, FL 34231

AGENDA – Study 81

1) Welcome and Introductions Matt Jablonski or Natasha Dickrell.

2) Additions or deletions to the agenda Matt Jablonski or Natasha Dickrell.

3) Minutes from last meeting Matt Jablonski or Natasha Dickrell.

4) Inter-laboratory Results David Karlen.

5) Old Business

a) Discuss opportunities/value in performing TSS standard splits beyond traditional PT testing – can we find an entity or vendor(s) to donate known standard(s)?
b) Kelli Dixon request to lead discussion on analysis costs and benefits
c) Cyanobacteria detection based on water quality analyte concentrations measured in the lab (Topic from SCCF) – Judy Ott to provide contact information
d) Electronic field collection presentation by Lee County staff – Rick Armstrong to provide contact information
e) Rick Armstrong: Brief discussion of ‘The Paperless Lab’ for potential presentation

6) New Business

7) Presentation: Dave DeWitt (SWFWMD) and groundwater.

8) Next Meeting:

a) Location and date
b) Agenda items

9) Sample Exchange with both Surface Water and Groundwater


SWF RAMP Mission:
To foster cooperative participation of regional monitoring program staff to improve comparability of surface water sample collection, in situ field measurements, and laboratory methods used by surface water quality monitoring programs in Southwest Florida marine and freshwater systems.

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