Southwest Florida Regional Ambient Monitoring Program

Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
10:00am – Noon

Bee Ridge Park
4430 S. Lockwood Ridge Road
Sarasota, FL 34231


  1. Welcome and Introductions (Matt Jablonski or Natasha Dickrell)
  2. Additions or deletions to the agenda (Matt Jablonski or Natasha Dickrell)
  3. Minutes from last meeting (Matt Jablonski or Natasha Dickrell)
  4. Inter-laboratory Results (David Karlen)
  5. Old Business.
    a) Request for July Presentation topic (Natasha Dickrell)
    b) Update on WIN Demo (Natasha Dickrell)
    c) Update on IDEXX presentation (Natasha Dickrell)
  6. New Business:
    a) Who’s retiring?
  7. Next Meeting:
    a) Location and date.
    b) Agenda items.
  8. Sample Exchange with both Surface Water and Groundwater AND (Freshwater) Field Meter Comparison
File Description File size
Download this file (RAMP 87 Split Sample Comparisons Report.pdf)Study 87 Split Sample Comparisons with Z-scores   356 kB
Download this file (RAMP_Agenda_041118.docx)RAMP_Meeting Minutes_041118.docx   21 kB
Download this file (RAMP_Agenda_041118.docx)RAMP_Agenda_041118.docx   18 kB

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