Quarterly Meeting

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

10:00am – Noon

Longwood Park (Room B)

6050 Longwood Run Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34243


Welcome and Introductions - Matt Jablonski and/or Natasha Dickrell

Additions or deletions to the agenda - Matt Jablonski and/or Natasha Dickrell

Minutes from last meeting - Natasha Dickrell

Inter-laboratory Results - David Karlen

Old Business.

  1. YSI Fast Forward Workshop on October 11thRobin Speidel
  2. FWQMC Meeting was in late August – Rob Brown

New Business:

  1. RAMP Mission and/or Introductory Text – Natasha Dickrell
  2. Chlorophyll Topic – Nevein Narouz
  3. In-Situ Aqua Troll multi meter – Jim Hodrick
  4. Gas diffusion NH3 analysis– Annah Jensen

Next Meeting:

          Location and date

          Agenda items

FDEP Water Information Network (WIN) Updates – Tommy Adams

Sample Exchange

    1. Surface water (Source: Hillsborough EPC)
    2. Groundwater (Source: Pinellas County Utilities)
    3. No field meter comparison (April and July quarterly meetings only)

File Description File size
Download this file (RAMP 88 Split Sample Comparisons Report.pdf)FWQMC August 2018 Meeting Minutes Courtesy of Robert Brown, Manatee County 1414 kB
Download this file (RAMP_Agenda_100318.docx)SWFL RAMP October 10, 2018 Meeting Agenda Courtesy of Matt Jablonski, SWFWMD 20 kB
Download this file (RAMP 88 Split Sample Comparisons Report.pdf)Study 88 Laboratory and Field Meter Result Comparison Courtesy of Dr. David Karlen, EPCHC 403 kB

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