Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Technical Advisory Committee
9:00PM – 12:00 PM
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
Welcome and Introductions
Kelli Hammer-Levy, TAC Co-Chair
Tim MacDonald, TAC Co-Chair
Ed Sherwood, TBEP
1) Preparation for BASIS 6 & Call for Steering Committee Members (Ed Sherwood, TBEP)
2) Tampa Bay Benthic & Sediment Quality Update (Dr. Dave Karlen, EPCHC)
3a) Old Tampa Bay Integrated Model Background, Rationale & Management Actions Evaluated (Dr. Tony Janicki, Janicki Environmental Inc.)
3b) Old Tampa Bay Integrated Model: Overview of Model Simulation Results (Dr. Tony Janicki, Janicki Environmental Inc.)
4) Tampa Bay Residential Stormwater Quality Evaluation: Results & Next Steps (Dr. Claudia Listopad, Applied Ecology Inc.)
5) Critical Costal Habitat Assessment Update (Lindsay Cross, TBEP)
6) Open Discussion (All TAC Members)

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