Proceedings of the

6th Tampa Bay Area Scientific Information Symposium (BASIS 6)

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September 28 - 30, 2015

Maya Burke, Editor


The proceedings below contain presentations given at the sixth Tampa Bay Area Scientific Information Symposium (BASIS 6), held September 28 - 30, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Since its inception in 1982, the BASIS conference series has provided a forum for sharing state-of-the-art research on Tampa Bay and its watershed. The theme of the BASIS 6, Navigating Changing Tides, features work that explores the 21st century dimensions of environmental challenges and the innovative and practical strategies devised by regional researchers and resource managers to address them. Presentations were organized around the following session topics: Coastal Connections; Practical Applications of Environmental Management & Policy; Emerging Issues, Technology & Methods; and Climate Change.

More than 200 scientists, resource managers and students from the Tampa Bay area participated in the symposium, which included 75 papers and posters.


Table of Contents


Holly Greening, Felicia Burks, Mark Russell, Avera Wynne

Mark Luther, Steven D. Meyers and Amanda J. Moss

Robert H. Weisberg, Lianyuan Zheng and Yonggang Liu

Brianna C. Michaud, Ernst B. Peebles and Timothy C. MacDonald

 Sheri A. Huelster and Ernst B. Peeble

 Jennifer Shafer

 Nannette O‘Hara and Sara Isaac

 Kathryn Jeakle

 Martha Gruber and Melinda Spall

 Brandt F. Henningsen, Nancy T. Norton and Brad E. Young

 Jason Kirkpatrick and Peter Clark

Ryan Moyer, Mike Lizotte, Christina E. Powell, Christopher S. Moore, Ioana Bociu and Kimberly K. Yates

Anthony Janicki

Brock Houston

Robert H. Weisberg and Lianyuan Zheng

Jennifer E. Granneman, David L. Jones, Steve A. Murawski, Ernst B. Peebles

Serra Herndon and Peter Clark 

Max J. Krause, Sarah Gustitus, Jeremy Toms, and Timothy G. Townsend

David J. Shafer, PhD and Jennifer L. Shafer, PhD

David J. Shafer, PhD and Jennifer L. Shafer, PhD

.. 75


Cary B. Lopez, Christopher G. Smith, Marci E. Marot, David J. Karlen and Alina A. Corcoran 

Jennifer P. Cannizzaro, Alina A. Corcoran, Jennifer L. Wolny, Chuanmin Hu

Roger Johansson

K. Fischer, K.E. Flaherty-Walia & R.E. Matheson Jr.

Thomas F. Ries 

Damon Moore

Anthony T. Betts

Shelley Thornton and Laura Morris

Robert Conner

Ed Sherwood, Holly Greening, Lindsay Cross and Maya Burke

Kristen Kaufman

Aaron Brown and Thomas Crisman

Jackie Julien, Christina Bryant, Lauren Greenfield and Caitlin Hoch 

Greg Blanchard

Janet Ley and Holly Rolls

Christopher Cooley

Peggy Morgan and Robin Barnes

Robert Burnes, Mark Flock, Andrew Squires, and Michael Wessel 

Kara R. Radabaugh, Christina E. Powell, Ryan P. Moyer 

Brandon Johnson

David J. Karlen, Kris A. Kaufman, Thomas L. Dix, Kevin W. Campbell and Joette M. Jernigan 

David J. Karlen, Kevin W. Campbell, Thomas M. Ash


.. 201

Gerold Morrison and Ed Sherwood

Steven D. Meyers, Mark E. Luther, Marius Ulm, Arne Arns, Thomas Wahl and Jurgen Jensen

David Hastings, Scott Adams, Breege Boyer, Holly Buresh, Bradford Cederburg, Alice Frye, Connor Gallagher, Kristina Petraites, Cameron Raguse and Emily Smith

Zachary Tyler and Ping Wang 

Mark Rachal and Ann Paul 

Alissa Powers, Kathleen Barrett, Mitch Stack and Brian Ormiston 

Brad Weigle

Stephanie Powers

Matthew J. McCarthy

David J. Karlen, Cary Lopez, Kevin W. Campbell, Alina A. Corcoran

AA Wallace, EB Peebles, DJ Hollander, SA Murawski, JE Granneman, JL Ostroff, and GS Ellis


.. 241

Doug Robison, M.S., PWS, Lindsey Sheehan, P.E., Brendon Quinton, GISP, David Tomasko, Ph.D. and Steve Crooks, Ph.D.

David Tomasko, Stephen Crooks and Doug Robison

Kimberly K. Yates, Ryan P. Moyer, Christopher Moore, David Tomasko, Nathan Smiley, Legna Torres-Garcia, Christina E. Powell, Amanda R. Chappel and Ioana Bociu

Lindsay Cross

Steve Emmett-Mattox, Steve Crooks, Stefanie Simpson 

Amanda R. Chappel, Ryan P. Moyer, Joseph M. Smoak, Megan P. Burford, Simon E. Engelhart, Joshua L. Breithaupt, Andrew C. Kemp, Thomas J Smith III

Chris J. Anastasiou, Ph.D 

Cynthia Meyer, Ph.D and Ruiliang Pu, Ph.D

Tirusew Asefa, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE and Alison Adams, Ph.D., P.E 

Rebecca Zarger, Libby Carnahan, Ramona Madhosingh-Hector and Lara Milligan

Ramona Madhosingh-Hector and Libby Carnahan

Monica Wilson, Ph.D.

Lianyuan Zheng and Robert H. Weisberg

Maya Burke and Libby Carnahan


.. 320

Andrew P. Squires

Doug Robison 

Justin A. Saarinen and Kurt P. Kowalski

Misty Cladas, Ernie Franke, George Heinrich and Nestor B. Ortiz, Jr.

George L. Heinrich, Timothy J. Walsh and Dale R. Jackson

Ernie Franke


.. 332

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